About Us


Hi, I’m Andy Barnhart, the owner of Land Float. I’ve been investing in land for over four years, buying and selling over 350 parcels of vacant land at MoonlightLand.com. I have not offered Owner Financing on any of my properties for the past four years. The question that I got asked the most was “Can I make monthly payments?” I would always say, “I’m sorry, I don’t offer payments.”

That is why I created Land Float. Not only do I offer Owner Financing on all properties, I created a bidding system to make it as fair of a process as possible. It’s not “first come, first serve,” or whoever sees the property first.  Anyone can now bid on the down payment to “Win” the land. Once you win, you are guaranteed low monthly payments on high quality vacant land across the U.S.

Why the name Land Float? Because, I’ve been there. When there is too much month left and the end of your money. When you feel like your drowning in debt and can’t keep your head above water. When you dream of buying land but no banks will give you a loan. How about I “float” you for a while, allowing you to get your head back above water.

I consider myself to be a Land Acquisition Specialist, only buying high quality land at the LOWEST prices. That’s why I can turn around and finance land at such low monthly payments. I’ve sold land dirt cheap in the past, but now I want to make it even cheaper. How much do you spend on coffee or soda a month? Yes, as cheap as that.

There will never be credit checks, bank loan applications, or long wait times on the phone trying to reach a Customer Service Department. You call and talk to directly to me.

I built Land Float for the long haul. I want to still be selling land 30 years from now. I’m blessed to have three young daughters and a loving, supportive wife. It brings great satisfaction when my customers and subscribers are happy. That’s my goal.


Andy Barnhart, Owner